What sets Brewcubed Coffee Roasters apart from other roasters?

Most people don't know but specialty coffee is seasonal just like the wine industry.  Each harvest is unique.  

That's why we source and sample coffee on weekly basis to find you the most delicious specialty coffee around the world.   We do all the heaving lifting so you can enjoy the coffee in the comfort of your home :)  Your satisfaction is what keeps us going and allow us to provide as much value as possible to you!

How can I cancel my subscription?
We hate to see you go :(  But you can contact us here to cancel your subscription anytime.

When is the coffee delivered?
It depends on your selected delivery, we typically ship out your coffee 48 hours from roasting.  So your coffee is guarantee fresh!

Can I return my coffee if I don't like it?
If your coffee doesn't meet your expectation, we're more than happy to give you a full refund.  Also, we will buy your next bag of coffee as a way of saying thank you for trying. Contact hello@brewcubed.com for more information.

Do you sell grounded coffee?
We don’t ship pre-ground coffee. (It’s better this way, we promise!) All of the coffee we offer is whole bean coffee. One of the most important variables in producing a great cup of coffee is getting the grind right, which is best to do right before brewing. The minute you grind your coffee, it starts to oxidize which accelerates the aging process. Freshly ground coffee will give you the best possible coffee experience and make your fresh coffee keep better. 

How should I store my beans?
We recommend storing our beans in an air-tight container in a dry dark place. 

How long does my coffee stay fresh?
Our coffee bean is best to drink within 10-15 days.  You can get by up to 30 days.  On the side note, most beans in the supermarkets are months to a year old!